Bina Group is a foreign trade established corporation with independent Import & Export certificate and also is an enterprise whose major business is International Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain service.

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Our team service will make sure customers come to see us right away. Although this is not a very big issue for customers with the convenient transportation system in China nowadays, we still believe excellent service needs to be maintained in a professional way.

Market Guide

As one of the best Yiwu sourcing agents in Yiwu city, we choose the proper suppliers for customers direct manufacturer, which depends on the products customers want to purchase. Basically, you could find almost all types of products in China yiwu Market. More importantly, as professional Yiwu sourcing agent, we know every corner in China yiwu Market. Moreover, customers might want to deal with direct factories instead of China yiwu Market. This is also no problem for us as we have over hundred suppliers’ team to choose. To sum up, guiding customers to manufacturers is just as same as we do in yiwu market, China.

Order Tracking

After customers leave China Yiwu Market with all confirmed orders, we will step in to track all order status. This is to make sure the lead time, delivery time, quality, quantity, the product specification is all approved. Then keep customers posted on every situation for every order they placed in the Yiwu market, China.

Quality Control

As professional Yiwu sourcing agent, our quality control includes 3 phases. Firstly. Confirmation sample. This step is just to confirm that the products customers ordered are perfect in quality, quantity, package before production starts. Secondly. Production sample. Supplier will start production based on confirmation sample, but still, we need to check what real production product look like, this is a necessary procedure to avoid any mistake or misunderstanding between customer and supplier. Lastly. Vessel sample. After production done, we will do 20% randomly testing on all products which are ready to ship. It is our quality control for customers as Yiwu sourcing agent.

Warehouse Facility

The good thing to have our own warehouse in yiwu market is to have everything under control. Moreover, there are usually more than one supplier to manage. For example, the goods in one container are from over 10 different suppliers. So, as customer’s Yiwu sourcing agent, not only we need to do above procedures, but also we need to collect all products in our warehouse on time after quality control before shipping. In short, making all products ready in the warehouse will be very helpful for us to proceed shipping

Container Loading

As top Yiwu sourcing agent, firstly, we start with the large and heavy items, and load them on the floor against the front wall of the container. Secondly, continue loading heavier items on the floor and towards the front of the container, placing lighter items on top. Lastly, pack the items tightly so nothing moves. Work the way along in tiers loading from bottom to top. Moreover, look at the spaces in the tier and put an item to fill that space if possible. In short, packing and loading the container well is the key to getting our shipment in good shape the other end.

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